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Terms & Conditions

Date: 10 September, 2022. 


This document provides information relating to the use of this website. This document may be updated from time to time.


This website contains links to third party material, the content over which it exercises no discretion, diligence and indemnifies itself from liability. 


This website provide these links for information purposes alone, and does not possess control over links to third party websites. This website cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss as a result of any actual or perceived inaccuracy of the information contained in this website. 


This website claims and confirms ownership of all, unless otherwise specified, ownership of material residing on the website domain name web space. Copyright is guaranteed by many laws both in the United Kingdom and overseas. All such rights are reserved and none of the content located on this website should be reproduced without prior consent. 


This website collects anonymous data to track web site statistics. It will install a cookie on your computer in order to do so. This includes information, but is not limited to, how you use our website, your network location, browser, operating system. 


By using this website, you agree to indemnify it to the maximum possibility of the law from any and all liabilities, expense and damages, and claims that this website has provided you with information which you consider to be factual as a result of using this website, shall also be indemnified. Noreen Mullally is not responsible for loss, damage, penalty, cost or other expense as a result of, or not, using the information contained in its website, or where information is omitted. 


Contact me if you have any queries regarding the use of this website. You can contact me at:

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