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Anxiety |  General Anxiety  |  Social Anxiety  |  Depression  |  Trauma

You may have had expectations and judgements throughout your life, suppressed your own feelings and beliefs to be accepted, and this has worked so far, but somewhere there has been a shift and your feelings maybe difficult to contain, leaving you feeling anxious, depressed, unresolved trauma being triggered? Using Person centred approach, I offer a non-judgemental space where you will feel able to reflect on your thoughts feelings anxieties and concerns.


Together, in a therapeutic relationship we can explore the impact these have on your everyday life I can support you in processing, identifying areas of difficulty and support you in moving forward

"Self worth comes from one thing... thinking you are worthy"

– Wayne Dyer –

Sea of hopelessness

I am an experienced addiction counsellor, and I am passionate about helping the alcoholic, addict, explore the root cause of their issues.


Has what was occasional social, manageable use, your occasional enjoyment, become more of a dependency, a need? Or perhaps it’s your loved one that has an addiction and this is having a negative impact on you and your family’s life?


I have special interest in working with the family & carers. Is addiction affecting your home life? Does it feel like the right time for you to reach out? It is so common to lose yourself whilst supporting your loved one. I'll work with you to help you find better solutions and make decisions which bring about changes you need to make to your life.

Bereavement & Loss

Losing someone close to you is one of the saddest and most painful experiences you can go through. You may feel as though the rug has been pulled from under you and it can be difficult to contemplate what life might be like without your loved one.


When you first experience loss, family and friends will rally round to support you, but as time passes there often is an expectation to move on, to get over it, but grief has no timetable, your bereavement is unique and will last as long as it needs to. I can provide empathetic support using Lois Tonkin’s “Growing Around Grief “model, which suggests that we do not move on from grief but we grow around it. I can offer you a nurturing and caring environment to help you talk about your feelings and cope with your loss and realise there is no right or wrong way to feel. There is a famous saying that goes “grief is love that has no place to go”. I offer you and your grief a place to go, to explore and to remember.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you"

–  Maya Angelou  –

Couples – Relationship Therapy

I can help you in a variety of ways:

• Understand why you have a conflict with your partner;
• Work towards solving your conflicts peacefully together;
• Learn how to communicate with your partner effectively to create curiosity and support rather than conflict;
• Identify the strengths in your relationship;
• Understand why an affair happened;
• Realise why you chose your particular partner;
• See the problems in your relationship as an opportunity for greater understanding;
• Or; help you to separate with grace and integrity if this is the most appropriate path for you.

New life
Children & Adolescence

I am a person-centred therapist with training and experience in CBT, DBT and mindfulness. My experience as a mother and grandmother supported by my work with children and young people provides a 360 degree approach to therapy. 

I have helped many young people to understand their feelings, manage difficult times, become more aware and work towards achieving their full potential.

I believe that each child is unique, and adapt my approach to the individual's needs, utilising play and talking therapy for both long and short term counselling. I can enable your child to unlock and explore their inner strengths to manage difficult times and build a skillset to thrive through life’s challenges.

PRIMARY (4-11)

Children often express their experiences and understanding of their world through play. It can be their communication to inform others of how they feel. I provide the resources/materials for your child to discover, to tell their stories and share their feelings.


Allowing children to explore and communicate through play can be highly effective outcome in emotional development.


A safe space for young people to share their worries and anxieties. Being an adolescent is a huge transition a time when there is so much to think about and consider.


Exams  –  Study  –  Identity  –  Sexuality  – 

Body Image  –  Social media  –  Relationships


Understanding all the different parts can be helpful to take some control and improve confidence self-esteem and a sense of self.

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